Research Databases By Title

Contains more than 8,000 full text journals with more than 11,000 peer-reviewed titles with extensive coverage of the physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature and more; Includes full-text coverage for The New York Times since 1985 and The Times and Financial Times with thousands of podcasts and transcripts from NPR and CNN and as well as Elsevier abstracts since 1996.

This multi-disciplinary database provides full text for more than 2,100 journals, including full text for nearly 1,700 peer-reviewed titles.

A trusted source for patient drug information with more than 1,000 drug information monographs. Written for consumers, it is published by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists; updated monthly.

Content for complementary and alternative medicine for health care & wellness. Includes full text articles for more than 50 international journals, original research and book excerpts. Indexing and abstracts begins in 1984.

Spanning over 86 volumes and this collection is one of the most trusted and long-running scholarly commentaries series for Biblical Studies scholars. This prestigious commentary series represents the pinnacle of biblical scholarship.

With over 7 million words of authoritative content, the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary remains the gold standard reference for Biblical Studies. It is an unprecedented interfaith exploration of the Bible that is multicultural and interdisciplinary in scope.

Full-text content, updated twice weekly, from peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific articles in psychology from the American Psychological Association (APA), containing more than 200,000 articles from over 100 journals; coverage includes all journal articles, book reviews, letters to the editor, and errata from each journal from 1894 to present. Indexing is with controlled vocabulary from APA's Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms®.

Current scholarly and professional titles published by the American Psychological Association (APA) and other distinguished publishers; with 60,000 chapters in PDF from over 4,000 per-reviewed books; includes 2,800 classic books of landmark historical impact in psychology dating from the 1600s and more than 1,500 authored entries from the APA/Oxford University Press Encyclopedia of Psychology. Use the controlled vocabulary from APA's Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms® for enhanced searching.

The primary index from the American Psychological Association (APA), containing more than 4.8 million citations and summaries of scholarly journal articles, book chapters, books, and dissertations, all in behavioral science and mental health; includes information about the psychological aspects of related fields dating as far back as the early 1600s. 99 percent of material is peer-reviewed from more than 2,500 periodicals; Use the controlled vocabulary from APA's Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms® for enhanced searching.

Serves as a repository for tests from many fields including thousands of actual test instruments and test items; Updated monthly with tests dating back as far as 1896. Produced by the American Psychological Association (APA).

OCLC index of articles from the table of contents pages of journals from 1990 to present covering more than 16,000 sources from 1990 to the present in the areas of business, science, humanities, social sciences, medicine, technology, and popular culture.

Includes over 5 million pages from the late 1200s through the 1893 World Parliament of Religions. Content shows social, political and economic life during this historical time of the world; includes many volumes in Aramaic, Arabic, Greek, and Hebrew and documents the recovery of languages used during the biblical era.

Consists of around 15,000 titles published from 1894 through 1923; includes material about understanding Eastern religions, shifts in religious identification of Americans and in non-western religions. Includes content on the evangelical movement, debates in science & religion, missionary activities, biographies of theologians, and Native Americans and their religion.

Includes full text content from over 360 journals, with 430,000+ book reviews, and indexing from 2,375 journals in all fields of religion beginning in 1949 to the present. Offers nearly 3 million records; updated regularly.

A small collection of classic Christian books available for streaming or download from authors like Oswald Chambers, E.M. Bounds, C. S. Lewis, George MacDonald, D.L. Moody, Andrew Murray, A.W. Pink, Hannah W. Smith, and R. A. Torrey.