Giving to the Library

For information on how you can help the College Library, contact Ruth Martin at (619) 201-8685 or by email.

To support the Seminary Library, contact Jennifer Ewing at (619) 201-8967 or by email .

You can also use the SDCC Donation Form.

Here are some special needs that you may be able to supply:

Give an Unrestricted Gift

Your unrestricted gift will help in the upgrade of our library collection and services. As we make our new libraries home, we see resources and formats that our students need as they complete research assignments.

Endow our Library Collection in honor of a loved one

A small endowment gift can provide books for generations to come. A front plate can be attached to each book to honor a loved one. Gifts as small as $1,000 can be effectively used to provide a few books each year for years.

Upgrade Technology

Technology changes quickly. Computers and other equipment must be replaced often. Your gifts can help us stay on the cutting edge. Small or large gifts alike can help in this task.