Vision Statement

The library purposes to meet the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate resource and program support needs of SDCC and SCS.

Mission Statement

The library provides the communities of San Diego Christian College and Southern California Seminary with services and resources that reflect depth of knowledge and diversity of opinion to develop critical thinking skills and encourage lifelong learning.

Revision approved by Library Committee 9/20/2010
Approved by Library Committee 9/25/2000

Library Objectives

  1. Increase depth and breadth of the collection, in a variety of formats, by continuous evaluation and improvement of the library’s resources.
  2. Create an environment that promotes study and research by maintaining and improving the physical and online environment of the holdings and use of the library.
  3. Improve access to the library collections and promote library services to students and faculty.
  4. Partner with faculty to provide support for information literacy, critical thinking and life-long learning.
  5. Continue systematic updates of computer hardware and enhance access to new software technologies.
  6. Assess and strengthen the operations and administration of the library through quality staff, resource management and user-centered service.
  7. Secure sufficient and consistent financial support for maintenance and improvement of the library.

Academic Freedom In the College Library

Academic or intellectual freedom in the context of the American library is inherent in the historical concept of the serving of a free people. In this regard, the College Library which serves varying populations through its parent institutions subscribes to this philosophy as it has been set forth in the American Library Association's Bill of Rights*. Since the founding of the library, its collection development has been pursued according to these principles and espouses the inclusion of materials representing varied points of view in all areas of knowledge and in all levels in support of the curriculum.

As the College Library owes its allegiance to both San Diego Christian College and Southern California Seminary, the library supports both institutions' missions spiritually and academically. It has a responsibility to provide access to a range of knowledge in all disciplines, both contemporary and historical in appropriate formats.

The College Library does not endorse all the ideas expressed in resources accessible in the collection and does not promote bias in the form of censorship. Library staff teaches library research skills to individuals and groups and allows the students to reach their own conclusions through free inquiry. In this way the College Library encourages students to broaden their perspective of the universe.

*Adopted by ALA in 1948, amended in 1961 and 1980 and reaffirmed in 1996

Revision approved by the Library Committee 3/3/2004
College name change revisions 10/2005